Photo Gallery

When I was ten years old, I won a 35-millimeter camera in a drawing. This was the beginning of a lifetime hobby. I made the transition to digital in 2003, although I still occasionally do just a bit of film work, and I later completed most of the coursework for a digital photography certificate from Emory University.

The majority of my work prior to 2015 is located on my Flickr page, and snapshots taken with my phone frequently appear in my Twitter feed.

Around Atlanta

The Atlanta metro area covers over eight thousand square miles in twenty-eight counties, with an estimated population in excess of six million people. That's a lot to see and do!

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Every sight of a traveling machine in action is the beginning of a story, and I often wonder what those stories might be.

Travel Photos

Sometimes I'll just randomly grab my keys and take a day trip. Sometimes I take more time and plan out a trip lasting several days.

The Perpetual Project

In June 2016, I purchased a condo in the Peachtree Corners area of metro Atlanta. They say that a house is a perpetual project; these photos are of mine. header photos

Curious about the rotating header images used on Here is where you can find all of them in one place.

For those who are into such things, click here to see a list of my current equipment setup.